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Climbing Festival Info

Here you can find some basic information about the Kalymnos Climbing Festival.



  • Promotion of Greek Thematic Tourism.
  • Extension of the tourist season.
  • Local development achieved by exploiting the competitive advantage of Kalymnos.
  • Maintaining the reputation of the island as one of the top climbing holiday destinations in the world.


  • 2000 (organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos)
  • 2004 (organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos)
  • 2006 (sponsored and co-organized by Petzl)
  • 2009 (organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos)
  • 2011 (organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos)
  • 2012-2013-2014 (sponsored and co-organized by The North Face)
  • 2015 (organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos)
  • 2016 (organized by the Municipality of Kalymnos)


Kalymnos International Climbing Festival Statistics

The total number of participants has exceeded 6500.


Benefits for the island

  • Exploiting the competitive advantage of Kalymnos and branding  the island as an ideal destination for climbing holidays.
  • Development of other forms of alternative tourism like trekking, diving and caving.
  • Extension of the tourist period.
  • Active participation of local population (personnel/volunteers, local businesses, local authorities etc.).
  • A large number of passive participants  (spectators like visitors, local population etc.). 
  • Know-how in managing and promoting the tourist product.
  • Reinforcement of relations with other countries.


Kalymnos International Climbing Festival can boost the development of a unique tourist market, based on sports rock climbing. Joomla 3.3 Templates
"The search for climbing paradise ends at the greek isle of Kalymnos"
Rock and Ice (Feb 2001)

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