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Format of the festival

The format of the festival changes every year.

For this year's schedule, click here.

Some of the basic elements of the past climbing festivals are listed below.


Climbing with the PROs

Follow and climb with the PROs in various climbing areas of the island.

Presentations of professional climbers

Participation and presentations from famous professional climbers.

Deep water solo

Spectacular type of climbing without safety equipment on seaside cliffs.

Climbing training sessions

  • Introducing the culture of rock climbing to the local community.
  • Training sessions offered to the local youth community.


Multimedia presentations

Presentations of climbing achievements, expeditions, stories etc.


Other activities

  • Expo village at festival’s base camp 
  • Photo and Directing Seminars.
  • Tours visiting points of interests like museums, archaeological sites, churches etc.

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"The search for climbing paradise ends at the greek isle of Kalymnos"
Rock and Ice (Feb 2001)

Festival Schedule



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