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Monday, 17 September 2018 06:17

Kalymnos Climbing Festival 2018 Athletes Featured

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Alex "AJ" Johnson

 Alex Johnson is a professional climber representing Evolv at the Kalymnos Climbing Festival and is the head coach at Vertical Endeavors climbing gym in Minneapolis, MN. She's been climbing for twenty years, has two Bouldering World Cup gold medals, has been a National Champion in all three disciplines; Bouldering, Sport, and Speed, and spent sixteen years on the US Climbing Team. Along with a decorated competitive career, Alex has put up first ascents around the Southwest, and claimed dozens of first female ascents on climbs ranging from V10 to V13.

Alex Johnson official website

Alex Johnson on Instagram

Klemen Becan

At age 7 Klemen tried to climb for the first time and since then all he wanted to do was to climb. Soon he joined the competition group and started to train more seriously and with age 14 he started with international competitions on the Slovenian Youth team. He had many good results and at age 15 he became world youth champion. In the big competitions it was a little harder and he had to fight from the back of the rankings and in the year 2008 he finally got to the top of the podium on World cup competition in Kranj, Slovenia. In bouldering World cups he got two second places in year 2009.

More important for him than competitions was always rock climbing outside and he spends as much time as possible in nature. On sight is his favorite thing and in 2004 he did his 1st 8b+ on sight. Many other hard routes followed with the hardest one Siempre se Puede Hacer Menos ( where he did on sight first ascent graded first 8c+ and later downgraded to “only” 8c after finding easier way out at the top. Klemen doesn’t like to spend much time working the routes but he still managed to do some 9a’s with the hardest one being Water World in Osp ( where he had to approach with the kayak or later on Tyrolean traverse. At the moment he’s putting a lot of energy into bolting new routes all over the world and of course climbing them after.

Klemen Becan webpage

Peter Croft

Canadian living in California - loves to climb big routes!

First one day ascent of El Capitan and Half Dome in 1986 

First solo of Astroman and the Rostrum in 1987

First ascent (on sight) of the Shadow (5.13) in Squamish 1988

First free ascent of the Moonlight Buttress in Zion 1992

First one day ascent of the Nose and Salathe routes in 1992

First ascent of the Evolution Traverse in high Sierra 1999

First ascent of Airstream (5.13) on the Incredible Hulk, High 2004

Living in Bishop California with wife Karine

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