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Monday, 03 October 2016 08:52

Zlagboard Contest 2016 Featured

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The Zlagboard Contest

At the Zlagboard Contest you can test your finger power at its finest! Participate and compare your strength with the one of fellow climbing enthusiasts. The mode is simple: hang on to the contest ledges as long as possible, with just the tips of your fingers. Your hang-time is measured precisely and will be part of the official hang-time world ranking.

So far, there have already been 39 official Zlagboard Contest, among others at IFSC world championships, the Rock Master Arco and many more. The world ranking lists internationally known climbers and the hang-time record is held by Ramonet Julián Puigblanque with unbelievable 2 minutes and 44,34 seconds. 

Zlagboard Contest Kalymnos 2016

In the course of the Smart Climbing Festival Kalymnos, also the known Zlagboard Contest is taking place. After climbing, stop by at the Festival Base Camp, Hotel Elena Village, in the evenings of October 7th and 8th and hang on as long as you can!

The Zlagboard

The Zlagboard is the further development of a conventional fingerboard. With the corresponding application, an innovative training control is possible. Thanks to the patented mechanism the training device releases the sensors in smartphones und controls the training plans of the app automatically. The exact time measurement makes it possible to track performances and analyze results. The standardized sizes of the holds and the connection to social media makes it possible to compare and exchange performances with climbers from all over the world.




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