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Tuesday, 04 October 2016 17:55

TASO RELUVIN playing music at Elena Village on Saturday! Don't miss it! Featured

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The story goes, in Greece summer of 1984, Chaka Khan allegedly met a Greek sponge diver and had a little romance. It turns out the mysterious talk dark and handsome man was the Greek God Poseidon and he was never seen again. 1985, Taso was born, although Chaka Khan has no recollection of this night nor the birth and Taso was adopted by the sponge diving island of Kalymnos. Years later discovering his mermaid-like features and his love for dance music, it was a natural progression to become an electronic and house DJ producer.

Surrounded by the baron rocky island, a deep rooted sponge diving history, blue waters and his unexplainable burning desire to dig and learn about house, disco, funk, soul and reggae. Since discovering and recognising his destiny, Taso has kept club culture alive on the island together with his RELUVIN partner Sor for nearly a decade. Recognised as a unique boutique annual boat party, RELUVIN is internationally known for Kalymnos's independent dance music culture which has accomplished to a selected privileged audience who visit the island every year in summer, anticipating the RELUVIN experience. (

You can find Taso at Kalymnos hot spots trying to to reconnect with his alleged mother and his recent work includes collaborations with DUST (Dubai), Nickodemus (Turntables On The Hudson, NYC), Electric Days (Dubai), Chloe (France), Manolaco (Blend Athens), Murat Kilic (Sydney), (Dj Angelo (Global Fantasy). Taso is an integral part of the development of new parties on the island, including a new festival programme launching soon. Stay tune for more mixtapes, remixes, releases and events.

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RELUVIN was founded in 2007 by Tasos Kladitis (aka Taso).

It was the way to reconnect musically with his mate and other half of the band, Dimitris Kitsos (aka Sor)

Together are the power duo behind all happening with it. 


RELUVIN for the island was the beginning of re-building the underground House community. 

Beach/Club parties every year and a "Legendary" recognised as a unique boutique annual Boat Party, RELUVIN is internationally known for Kalymnos's independent dance music culture. 


Now days the boys TASO+SOR working also on their own productions, trying to bring all their "djing" experience and feelings, into tunes.  


RELUVIN was, is and always will be a big group of friends, having good times with real music. You make RELUVIN

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